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New Shows- Come visit me at 342 Pennsylvania Ave, Santa Cruz: You can call and make an appointment.  Starting to print again so new work is available! Also my curated collection site: www.shopvida.com/collections/jody-bare.  Virtual show is still available through Visual Arts Network : https://visualartsnetworkscc.com/listing/jody-bare/.  Again, you can call anytime for birthdays, wedding presents, or special events.  Questions on pricing and mailings, contact number, 831-425-8430.  You can also buy my work at www.etsy.com/shop/Bareprint until April 4th, or www.facebook.com/jodybare.blockprint.  Pick a piece and call.  I can mail it right away or if you live close, you can pick it up. Galleries open for business: Many Hands in Capitola, Artisans in Downtown Santa Cruz, The Art League in Santa Cruz has a membership show and at the Radius, showing three of my pieces  PS. Inspired from the nature, my latest scarves and prints:  Gentle Rabbit scarf, Downward Frog scarf, Bumble Buzz scarf, Cassandra Effect print, & Protest print.



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