Unicorn and Maiden Print

The Unicorn and the Maiden

The man’s future is pitiless, irrational and hard.  His strength is noble as he rises with the rhythm of the serpent. The unicorn, perfect and beyond description, is waiting for the man’s transformation. To go back would be to go against the order of things and get sucked into a downward vortex. The maiden is looking for purification and is attracted to this small, fierce unicorn. Behind her, the pathfinder offers her a peach, but the maiden is aloof to this gesture of seeds for the future. There is earthly and heavenly love possible here, but the chaos of the river obscures her needs.  Through the body of a fragile tree there is a return to the center where life and death are joined and the paths of the living will converge.  There is wisdom in those who inhabit this wilderness realm. An essential sea circulates through the natural garden causing the phoenix to rise, while overcoming their world and returning to the place of all origins.              Jody Bare

(12"x12") Linoleum block print on bleached mulberry paper: Black and White. Not matted or framed, mailed in an acid free sleeve then placed in a cylinder.

Price: $75.00

Shipping: $10.00

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