Two Souls’ Dream Print

Two Souls' Dream
As three humans sleep, they dream. Suddenly, the Japanese weather lord’s dragon ascends from the sky denoting good fortune, strength, and spirit of change. A turtle crawls slowly, joining the small family, crying out its mother’s earth song. A soul has been caught between two worlds; however, the laurel tree suddenly bids forth a hero and an athlete. Growing beside the small family is a five-pedaled rose; it foretells the coming of a new life. Feathers and shells lie about hinting of life well spent and judged on their lightness of spirit. A sunflower shines in the father’s face giving him radiant power. A Hopi symbol of a thirty-year path lies near the angel. This angel is an invisible, powerful force, ascending and descending between the source of life and the world of phenomena. The angel holds the soul of a new life offered to this couple and carries it into our earthly world. The angel blocks the ladder because the ancient soul has been exchanged for the young one. The pathfinder monkey holds the ankhs of life and death, demanding death of the old one and life for the new. Three doves rejoice in this passing, elevating earthly spirits. The stream spirals with lunar fertility, propelling the fertility fish a glimpse of this new soul. The mountain holds a triangle of spirals that acts as the mother of form, a stored soul for a future exchange. The moth maiden, guardian of eternity, passes on the message of this new conception. The vibrant sun embraces heaven through the impregnated moon while spewing life forces upon the dreaming family. The cosmic egg settles at last for the quickening of this new soul. The pearl of wisdom, enlightenment, and self-realization will be searched for once again. Jody Bare

Lino-cut print on mulberry paper. (12" x12") Mailed in a acid free cylinder.

Price: $75.00

Shipping: $10.00

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