Time Gate Print

Time Gate
The Time Dragon is the giver of life to Earth, "the many from one, the one from many." This dragon releases our spirit from bondage to gradually increase consciousness so that we may overcome all time bound existence, awaken to a timeless state of rest, and see our own nature beyond a dream. This life is the fruit of our own doing; time cycles and returns to its beginning. As the dragon winds itself, a still-point is created, thrusting the universe into being and opening up a gate to the beyond. As it unwinds, our spirits move back to the divine source. The Time Dragon is yesterday, today and tomorrow. We move steadily through time because life is a self-consuming, ever-dying, ever-living generative energy of becoming. Jody Bare

Lino-cut print on bleached mulberry paper. (12" x 12") Mailed in a protected acid free sleeve and backed.

Price: $75.00

Shipping: $10.00

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