Threshold Print

Can the child find the strength to pass over the threshold? The stone she holds empowers her because it holds her soul and her innermost being. The bridge on the right with its arched gateway beckons. It could be a dangerous path, maybe she should cross on the left. However, the dog has the instinct to guide her and he points to the center. The dragon hovers watching the child. The child naturally pulls away from the protection of mother earth. It is a lonely journey, but she wants to engage in the field of time. This is a heroine act to depart in order to return. Roses dot the building making the way for the first stage of growth. The sun and the moon shield their power while the water spirals beneath giving support. The invisible trail is there, but one must venture forth to find it. Jody Bare

Lino-cut print on mulberry paper. (12" x 12") Not matted, not framed, mailed in an acid free cylinder.

Price: $70.00

Shipping: $10.00

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