Redwood Journey-painted print

Redwood Journey

The redwood tree looms overhead joining the cosmic realm with terrestrial life. It is the embodiment of the world axis. The pathfinder monkey shrieks as he balances the ankh, a power of life over death. Above the mountain, the whirling sun disk reaches out to a laddered moon. Birds and a butterfly flutter about enjoying the serenity of the shining sun and moon. These majestic animals contain knowledge of a higher state of being, if only the couple will take the time to contemplate their flight. The sunflower radiates back the earth’s power of regeneration while the grasses and fauna grace the hillside. Despite this idyllic scene, the young woman is balking as if a cold wind blows across her face. She has no desire to enter the trail even as her lover encourages her to take heart and join the journey westward. The young girl rides a lion, the perfect good. She is fearless knowing her mount is the supreme guardian. She follows her brother who finds himself astride a dragon, an omen of the fallen state of mankind. Three feathers don the dragon’s crown while holding the power of judgment. If the couple’s hearts remain light as a feather then their children’s hearts will follow. They find the stream spiritually nourishing. A glimpse of a turtle and frog swimming among the fertile fish, offers these travelers good fortune and the promise of one more child. The pyramid contains the child’s soul, spiraling around, and ready for release at the end of this long journey. Jody Bare

Lino-cut print on bleached mulberry paper. Mailed in a tube or flat, acid free sleeve. (12" x 12") print

Price: $100.00

Shipping: $10.00

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