Raised Aloft Print

 Raised Aloft story

The Buddha meditates to see all things clearly, while the maiden and the two-headed dragon of death and resurrection hold all life energies. Grounded, the dragon rider practices his Tai Chi in order to ride the sacred cow’s head and burst the illusion of beauty and time.  His mate dances with him; while a young girl holds the cross of life and death and a child follows in her footsteps. Bearing the lotus of divine grace, a man puts an end to all individualized existence. The sunflower radiates a growing strength, while the turtle comes on the tide reminding everyone of their material existence. Many are destined to cross the waterfall of concentric spirals, completing an earthly migration. This waterfall flows into a spiraling stream that is impregnated with life. These eight human figures convey boundless strength while looking for a fruitful path. The pathfinder monkey stands under the bow tree trying to see the Buddha, but the Buddha is beyond the concept of beyond. This will be an elusive path towards self realization. Centered, a giant woman, a maiden, and two angels spread out a magic cloth hoping to find a map of this path. Soaring above, the Eastern dragon-head holds the pearl of enlightenment up to the thousand-pedaled lotus moon. All of this permeates and sustains the universe of time. This pearl is a realization of one’s identity, and present in all things. The moon’s hand touches the sun, spiraling energy directly onto the earth, revolving into a life force. On her own, the butterfly maiden continues to communicate between this heavenly awareness and earthly ignorance, while the earthbound peacock promises hope for an immortal soul.                        Jody Bare

(12"x 16") Linoleum block hand printed, black and white, mailed in an acid free cylinder.

Price: $90.00

Shipping: $15.00

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