Polar Serpents Print

Power of Polarity

Here we find a couple as two indispensable halves and the tree of life, the center of an absolute beginning. Its trunk sprouts from the primordial waters from which all things arise and to which they return. At its base, the turtle is aware of the tree’s sacredness. Two serpents coil around this world tree. With beauty, the cow-headed serpent emits female energy while capturing the mate she loves. The lion-headed serpent roars as a supreme guardian, bringing masculine energy to the scene and personal access to the sacred vital forces of the tree. Emboldened, the couple must destroy these coils of manifestations and illusions the twisting figures contain. Protective spirit holders fly above their chosen human. The pelican-like bird holds purity and mother-love. The spiral-dove is a shape-changer containing needed energy. The sun and moon share their radiance equally. Sunflowers, roses, grasses and a lotus grow on the hilly bank. Mother Earth spreads her beauty behind the babbling creek. The three spiral pyramids hold the souls of the couple’s future children while waiting to be released.  Cowry shells are scattered in the sand emanating their desire to have these children. The couple is blessed; they catch the fertility fish and their fate is sealed. The pathfinder monkey holds high the power of life and death and chooses love, another gateway for this couple’s entrance.                                                                      Jody Bare

Lino-cut print on bleached mulberry paper. (12" x 12") Mailed in a protected acid free sleeve and backed or tubed.

Price: $75.00

Shipping: $10.00

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