Original Garden Print

Original Garden

This garden is a place of origin that regenerates and time starts anew. The first garden holds all elements of consciousness: thought, emotion, intuition, and sensation.  Primeval waters flow from the tree to the well and then pour forth from the maiden.  The maiden is ‘untouched’ by worldly bonds; she is pure, uncorrupted, and limitless. Essential waters circulate through her and are brought forth into the four corners of the universe.  When all four are held in balance, life is brought forth for a limited time.  These waters are also the beginning and the end of all existence, the ever moving matrix that nurtures while preserving itself.  The garden is a living creature and receives much of its power from the back and forth nature of the sun and moon.  Power is then stored in the deepest waters of the well.  It is from these watery depths that all life emerges.  The maiden of the ‘Original Garden’ is eternally connected to the well, embodying the regenerative power contained within this circle of life.                             Jody Bare

(12" x 12") lino-cut print on white bleached mulberry paper. Not matted, not framed, mailed in an acid free sleeve, backed or tubed.

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