Isolated Goodness

Isolated Goodness

Moving through shallow waters, I wade over to a newborn island.  Suddenly finding myself completely alone, I am filled with sweetness and strange images.  Through the ocean mist a deer-like creature is pawing at a majestic sunflower.  I am so taken that I descend into a state of balanced calmness.  I stand in pleasurable ‘stillness of mind and spirit.’  I gaze skyward feeling the power of this blessed place.   It seems that a divine purpose is here to be revealed, and a speechless joy surges as the ocean surrounds me in pounding surf.  I grow mindful of kindly eyes searching within me.  A rare tranquility overcomes me while I am emptied of my earthly troubles and falsehoods.  I am seized by the beast’s white beauty and feel safe in its goodness and mystic guardianship.                                    Jody Bare 

Lino-cut print on bleached mulberry paper. (12" x 12") Not matted, not framed, mailed in a protected acid free sleeve and backed or tubed.

Price: $75.00

Shipping: $10.00

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