Interface Print

Interface: Mist Dragons 

Two in balanced accord, stand guarding the interface where earth and heaven unite.  They are Mist dragons: water, moon, and illusive, spiritual, prima materia, monstrous and serpent-like.  These dragons of man and nature are engaged in the field of time. They give freely of their vitality and can alleviate sickness and misfortune. Mist dragons represent blind forces of primitive chaos and give birth to worlds. They swallow youthfulness while death and resurrection happen. Their cosmic energy seeks the eternal pearl which contains wisdom, enlightenment and eternity. They are within the trinity of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  When Mist dragons swallow these pearls, they face the edge, the interface between what can be known and what is unknowable.  The dragons guard this space until there is a complete letting go of the human sense of what one was before birth. This moves one forward into death in order to forget and thus remember. Mist dragons represent all that is impossible to name, but somehow we intuitively recognize that ‘everything’ is there. Ultimately the interface opens up and one is speechless.       Jody Bare

12" X 12" lino-cut overprint on bleached mulberry paper. Also available in black and white or two separate prints. Each dragon separately would be $80 each.

Price: $95.00

Shipping: $15.00

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