Good Fortune Print

My mediums are printmaking and textiles. I use linoleum blocks exclusively, silk fabric most often, a magnifying glass for detailed cuts, a padded table for printing, and an iron to set the inks. I prefer Jacquard or Speedball textile ink and a special cloth pad to hand print my original designs. A special technique that I have developed is a type of overprinting: I print the same block twice to create more contrast and color plus use a combination of metallic inks with regular ink resulting in a dynamic textured appearance. Often I brush out parts of the block to alter the print. I register all my prints by hand and my positive-negative images are loose with a hand crafted appearance. My designs are usually inspired from nature, ethnic symbols, classic archetypes, or geometric figures.

'Good Fortune' is an example of an overprint. (10" x  7")  Art is unmounted and not framed.  Mailed with protected sleeve and cardboard backing.  Please call if any questions: 831-425-8430.

Price: $80.00

Shipping: $10.00

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