Gate of Emptiness Print

Gateway to Emptiness  

A child is born from the void. The Babylonian pyramid rises like a mountain from the earth. The spirals contained within the pyramid are nurturing waters giving life to all humans. The umbilical cord dissolves into these waters and then leaks out. Four figures appear: The baboon breaths life and instinct into the child; the pig demands ignorance resulting in a forgotten past; the monster dreams of the “prime material,” the original total unconscious in which the individual ego can rise and mature. Last, the earthly snake suffers and mediates between worlds. This snake is coiled three and one-half times to encourage transcendence. The Tree of Life or World Axis envelopes the vase which is filled with five boons:  The first gift is a feather which will be weighed and then relay judgment from this human heart at journey’s end. The spiral spreads life-giving waters and the ankh renders power of life and death while the lotus spreads divine energy and grace. Finally, the rose spreads divine love. These boons are for a very long journey, because the window interfaces with the beyond and concurs that this human will struggle with its journey. Continuing, ‘the mountain mother,’ the eyes, are the knowledge of time and intuition of eternity coming together. These eyes are also Buddha Consciousness, from whom all living things appear and to whom all return in death.  All of this is contained in this mountain pyramid. Hovering, the bird, a spirit vessel, carries the soul; however, the transfer point is elusive. Presently, a golden sun reveals energy that disengages from consciousness and time. This masculine side reaches out and gives power to the moon, a feminine power that reengages the field of time and powers the tides of life within the sea and the womb.  Today, the child is born to the earth, to be bound for a time and to take its journey in time, in search of the “Gateway to Emptiness.”                       Jody Bare

12" x 12" Lino-cut print overprinted with gold. My first mythological block.

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