Dust of Devine Union Print

Dust of Devine Union
The angel is an invisible force of power ascending and descending between the source of life and the world of phenomena. The whirling sun disk of the heavens gives life to a spiral moon. Reflecting the sun’s power, she transforms life while nourishing all fish and fauna. The butterfly spikes this seasonal fertility and transformation. The seven-headed dragon devours worldly concerns such as conceit, vanity, pride, greed, avarice, suffering of conscience, and agonizing qualms. Seeing this dragon causes a shrinking from life and a yielding to fear. However, seven symbolizes wholeness and perfection. Somehow there is hope in the process. Four heads of the serpent are swallowing the waters of earth, sucking all time and all matter into the maw of chaos. It is a relentless swallowing up of youth and attachments. The pulse of life demands an unending stream of vital energy to keep it going, so it is easy for the three other heads of the dragon to push the millstone and reduce every grain of separative existence to the dust of divine union, an end of time. The angel controls an apocalypse. There exists an illusive line between life and death that the angel reveals. Life is created, exists for a while, and then is destroyed. Faith triggers and places this frightening angel in our way because she holds promise of a new beginning. She can be nourishing because of the Source. Alternately, the spiral triangle also holds this source of renewal while the Thunder God stands on a pyramid waiting for the appearance of a promising new world. Jody Bare

Lino-cut overprint on bleached mulberry paper: (12" x 12") Mailed in a protective acid free sleeve & backed, not matted, not framed.

Price: $75.00

Shipping: $10.00

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