Dancing Atoms Print

Dancing Atoms
The young man contemplates while he reverently holds aloft two souls in each hand, one soul is his, and the other is his young mate. She needs his help and must trust him. A Mist Dragon hovers around the couple. The dragon was created from the waters of the river and is illusive, essential, and of the earth. A fertility fish swims up its neck looking for the source of life. The pathfinder monkey rides the dragon’s back holding the ankh of life and death and ushering new life, while the messenger butterfly slides up the rays of the pregnant moon. The sun spins the eight-fold path into eternity and passes that energy around the moon. Thunder and lightning explode in the background warning of a misguided way. However, the cranes anoint the couple with long life and so they are unaware of the danger. One crane is grounded, the other soaring, while the third waits. A sunflower, a rose, and several shells are scattered in the sands denoting a confused future. The planted lotus held by the woman emits divine energy, grace, and knowledge of mirrored truth. A turtle enters from below to help the young women pick a soul from the shaman tree. A life cycle begins! Now the ‘seed of life’ spirals in the belly of the woman. Together they choose to begin this new life in balanced accord. Jody Bare

Linocut print on mulberry Paper: 12" x 12" Mailed in protective acid free sleeve & backed.

Price: $75.00

Shipping: $10.00

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