“Becoming” Print

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The Cosmic Dragon mediates between night and day, acknowledges good and evil, and facilitates transcendence of opposites within human nature. Its universe is infinite. It is always fully awake. This dragon is crowned with spirals and feathers, an acknowledgement of never-ending energy. The fertility fish swims in its spiraled breath. The twins ride the twisting form while a sacred blinding happens causing an inability to distinguish the One from the Other. They are shadow figures, the embodiment of whatever one tends to deny or repress. Suddenly, a youth is released from the jaws of this Cosmic energy. He must find his balance and land with grace and wholeness. A butterfly maiden and spirited bird watches his descent. Two women prepare for this becoming. Sprouting plants, sunflowers, ivy, laurel trees, and roses are the life force coming into being. The shaman tree is being carefully groomed for the youth’s intuitional and visionary potential. The dragon’s body writhes with creation symbols denoting the young man’s arrival. A river passes by while the monkey messenger risks dropping his power over life and death. The rose alone, at the feet of this Cosmic Dragon, marks a path of knowledge, wisdom, and acceptance of benevolent love for this world. The youth must come to realize one can have the experience of eternity right here and now in all things. The labyrinth lies before him and the path of his soul can be found in the well of his own being. Jody Bare

Linocut print on mulberry paper (15" x 31") Mailed in an acid free cylinder.

Price: $110.00

Shipping: $20.00

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