After the Sacrifice Print

After the Sacrifice story
This is a place of encounter where the moon is fertile and births new souls. The sun touches and chooses so one can either be devoured by cosmic energy or become a container of conception. The bridge opens a path to experience a Divine Essence. The female guardian represents time and space itself with a mystery beyond all pairs of opposites. Everything is within her. The lion dragon warns not to go back, because going against the order of things sucks one into a downward vortex. A passing over is allowed once, so the couple plants a sunflower representing the first stage of their journey. Quickly, the young boy becomes an instrument of strength and sacrifices the lamb for the power of purity and innocence. The sun shines above; and the waters are calm. The sea turtle slowly climbs ashore reminding the young couple of their material existence. The guardian of the bridge has given passage to the bird dragon, while the butterfly flutters over newly aroused waters messaging the guardian’s words. The elder monkey, an experienced pathfinder, encourages passing over in order to replace this pathfinder and reward him for serving the couple. Representing elevation of spirit, transcendence, and freedom, the pheasant also contains knowledge of higher states of being and a language of the self. Time is ready to reveal this knowledge if only the couple can pass over. Much has been sacrificed for them. Their vision must reveal the conquest of fear yielding courage for life.
Jody Bare

Lino-cut print on bleached mulberry paper. (12″ x 13″) Not matted, not framed, mailed in a acid free sleeve, backed or in tube.

Price: $90.00

Shipping: $10.00

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